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Who knew paying off your debt could actually be “fun”?!

It’s so cool!

I just found this cool new thingy! It’s unlike anything I’ve tried before! It’s not some dull, boring financial type software like you might be used to if you tried Quicken or something like that!

Not just a gimmick, the real deal!

This thing is the real deal! It’s integrated with all the major banks and credit cards:


Once you add your accounts, it updates everything automatically, in real time!

Fun & Easy!

When I think of typical financial software (Quicken), I think of how dreadful the long, arduous process of getting is set up and maintaining it is… But not this! It’s Hip! It’s Fun! It’s Quick & Easy!

Win cash Sur-Prizes!

This part is crazy…. as you go along in your thingy and earn “badges” for doing things, you can win real $10-$25 cash Sur-Prizes! – Real money in your mailbox!

We all know we “should” pay off our debt… just do something about it! Try this one… you’ll actually like it!

These new coupons have just been released and some have limited prints available, so print out them out right away and keep them for when you need them!

Have you tried the new Yoplait Greek yogurt? It’s thicker and creamier and oh-so-yummier!

yogurt Yoplait

generalmillsGeneral Mills

healthbarsHealth Bars



With all the festivals and fairs in August, make sure you’re ready with the proper sun protection for the whole family. Here are some great printable coupons, and cool way to put your own photo on a water bottle – shipped total only $8.99!

$1.00 off Coppertone Suncare Product

If you’re the type that is concerned about the specific ingredients in your sunscreen products, check out EWG’s Guide to Summer Sun infographic to get the facts. Here’s what they say:

Do you know that one sunburn in childhood doubles your chance of developing skin cancer? Can you guess how much money the sunscreen industry makes every year from products that rarely work?

Keeping hydrated is also very important on those long days in the sun… Here’s $1.00 off new sippy cups:

$1.00 off U.S.A. Kids Cups Product
If you’re the creative type, how about a custom photo (Stainless Steel!) water bottle – shipped for $8.99!