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The world of cloth diapers has been spun on its head.  The current trend in cloth diapers is hip and chic. If you are like me you remember the plain white gauze like diapers your parents put on you with (brace yourself) diaper pins.

The cloth diapers available today range from plain color covers in pastels and bright colors to artsy and edgy designs. The entire gamut of colors and styles are available. The design has changed in that the covers are reusable and water resistant, with a cloth insert to absorb the waste.

In addition to the cloth inserts a variety of brands make disposable paper based inserts. This option gives parents the best of both worlds when it comes to convenience and cost.

As far as diaper closures are concerned the diaper pins are gone! (Breathe a sigh of relief). The innovation in closures is out of this world. There are styles that have ties, snaps or Velcro and some that have both snaps and Velcro. These are all very effective ways to keep the diaper on, without the risk of poking your baby.

Some brands worth mentioning are Thirsties, Fuzzibunz, BumGenius and Charlie Banana. In checking for reviews I found that just because one costs more than the other it doesn’t necessarily mean that they work better. Consumers rated some of the least expensive brands higher than the expensive options; so shop around and keep your eye open for available reviews of the merchandise before making a purchase.

When choosing diapers for their little ones, parents seem to keep three primary criteria in mind: cost, comfort, and leak control. Here are diaper reviews that, according to consumers, best meet those criteria.

1. Pampers

Pampers are the best-selling diapers in the world, and with good reason. This diaper brand has been around since 1961. Pampers are available in sizes from Preemie to size 7. Pampers also makes other products, like baby wipes.

2. Luvs

The next best-selling brand of diapers is Luvs. Introduced in 1976, this brand hasn’t been around quite as long as Pampers, but they are just trailing the older brand in popularity. Made by the same company that makes Pampers (Procter & Gamble), Luvs are usually marketed as the more affordable brand.

3. Huggies

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation brings us Huggies. This diaper brand was first introduced in 1978, and has steadily grown in popularity ever since. Some of the products sold under the Huggies label include Little Snugglers Diapers, Overnites Diapers, and Pure & Natural Diapers.

4. Drypers

When it comes to the manufacture of disposable diapers and other related products in the United States, Drypers Corporation is third only to Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark. When choosing disposable diapers, Drypers are usually the more economical choice.

5. Seventh Generation

While consumers are most familiar with the big four diaper brands, there are other brands making a place for themselves on the diaper market. One such brand is Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers are free of fragrances, latex, petroleum-based lotions, and chlorine processing. They are a great choice for babies with sensitive skin.

I hope you enjoyed our reviews. If you have anything to add, please comment below!

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