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You can now again save 20% on your Luvs Diapers because they started up their Amazon Mom (it’s FREE!) program back up again!

This is the cheapest way to get your diapers!

You simply use Amazon Mom along with the Subscribe & Save feature on Amazon.

But don’t fret about the “subscribe” feature because all you have to do is log back into Amazon after you’ve received your order and cancel the subscription!

There’s no obligation at all!



Size1, 264 Count – plus get a $5 Enfamil Coupon!
Size 2, 228 Count – plus get a $5 Enfamil Coupon!
Size 3, 204 Count
Size 4, 180 Count
Size 5, 150 Count
Size 6, 120 Count

How to get the 20% off:

To save 20% on these, what you do is get the 15% Amazon Mom (it’s FREE!) discount, and, use the 5% Subscribe & Save discount!

Again…. There’s no obligation!


Amazon Mom

Even if you don’t want to be in Amazon Mom (but everyone should at least join for 3 free months), you can still get the 5% Subscribe & Save discount. You can cancel the subscription at any time! (Even a few days later if you so decide.) After you add the diapers to the cart, change the “One-time delivery” option to the “Subscribe & Save” option, like this:

Subscribe & Save

Oh yea, and SHIPPING IS FREE when you use Amazon Mom too!